Early Boots Beef

Interested in becoming a steakholder?  Follow the steps below to get Early Boots beef from our farm to your freezer.


  • Step 1: Determine how much beef you want. 


Early Boots beef is available in mixed eighths, quarters, halves and wholes.  Read more about each portion size below:


Eighth beef -- Enjoy the savings of buying in bulk and the feel-good of knowing your meat even if you don’t go through beef quickly or don’t have much freezer storage. Cost: $4.95/lb hanging weight (includes processing: pick from the three packs described here)


Quarter beef – The Early Boots classic! Our mixed quarters offer all the primal cuts of rib-eye, sirloin and T-bone steaks, roasts, ribs and hamburger. Cost: $4.65/lb hanging weight (includes basic processing)


Half beef – With a side of beef, you can truly enjoy custom processing. Want thicker steaks? An unconventional cut? You can talk directly to the butcher to get just what you want. Cost: $4.40/lb hanging weight (includes basic processing)


Whole beef – For the serious beef eaters, large families or bargain-hunting group of friends.  This is a whole lot of meat!

Cost: $4.25/lb hanging weight (includes basic processing)


Note: Our price per pound is determined by the animal’s “hanging weight” (that is, the number of pounds the portion weighs on the hook with the bone in – before aging and processing). A whole beef from Early Boots Farm weighs between 450-550 pounds on the hook, for an average hanging weight of 500 lbs. or ~325 lbs. of packaged meat. It takes about one cubic foot of freezer space to store 25 pounds of packaged beef.


  • Step 2:  Reserve your portion.


Reserve your portion with a down payment of $100.00 using the PayPal button at the bottom of the page. 


  • Step 3: Make a plan for processing.


When we receive your downpayment, we will confirm your order and contact you to make a processing plan.  Depending on the size of the portion you order, you can either choose from a number of basic processing options, or completely customize the way you would like your meat butchered.


  • Step 4:  Sit tight while your meat is processed.


We work with two different local, family-owned processors who harvest animals with dignity and prepare your cuts with care. Following the harvest, your beef will age at their facility for approximately ten days for improved flavor and tenderness.  After your portion is aged and cut, it will go into the processors’ coolers for a deep freeze.  Within a couple of days after cutting, your beef will be ready for you!


  • Step 5: Get your beef!


Immediately after deep freezing, your beef will be available for pick up.  We are happy to coordinate pick up of your beef order here at Early Boots Farm.  On-farm pick up can also include a farm tour or a meal with the farmers (and with beef, of course!).  It may be possible to arrange beef delivery to a location near you for a small fee, particularly if you live in or near the Twin Cities or along the 1-94 corridor.  Please be prepared to pay the remaining balance at the time of pick up or delivery. Check or cash only, please!


Please contact us with any questions.  We look forward to feeding you!


Phone 1.320.249.1841

Email earlyboots@gmail.com


20232 Balsam Drive

Sauk Centre, Mn  56378

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