Early Boots Beef Shares.


Buying an Early Boots beef share is a fantastic way to support local, sustainable farming and food systems. Similar to a CSA share, you pay up front to make an investment in your farmer and in farming that reflects your values. Then you get to enjoy the bounty of the farm throughout the year. Contact us to sign up for your share.


What you get…
  • 1/8 beef in the late spring (~35 pounds of packaged beef)
  • 1/8 beef in the early winter (~35 pounds of packaged beef)

  • Free beef delivery to drop sites in the Twin Cities, St. Cloud and Litchfield.

  • Invitation to a growing season grill-out party at Early Boots Farm.                                                  Cost: $559


Pick from the processing options below...

Burger pack.


If ground beef –think hamburgers, hot dish, meatballs, meatloaf and more – satisfies all of your beef needs, then the Burger pack is for you. 


All of the portion will be processed into ground beef and packaged to your liking in 1, 1.5, or 2 pound bulk packs or as quarter pound patties.

Griller pack.


With lots of burger, a variety of popular steaks, and short ribs to boot, everything in the Griller pack is grill-ready and oh-so-delicious.


Ground beef will come in bulk packages for crafting custom burgers or ¼ lb. patties – your choice.  Steaks are cut to 1" thick and vacuum sealed.   You will receive a variety of popular steaks from the following favorites:  Ribeye, Sirloin, Sirloin-tip, Tenderloin & NY Strip, T-Bone, and Porterhouse.  


(Note:  to receive all of these steaks or to request other cuts, place an order for a quarter or side of Early Boots Beef.) 

It's all good pack.


Enjoy some of all the cuts with the It's all good pack -- hearty roasts, delicious steaks, and the goodness of ground beef.



This pack comes with bulk ground beef; a variety of 2-3 lb. roasts including chuck, rump, and arm; beef ribs, soup bones, and liver; as well as an assorted sampling of steaks from the classic cuts:  Ribeye, Sirloin, Sirloin-Tip, Tenderloin, New-York Strip, T-Bone, and Porterhouse.  Steaks are cut to 1" thick and vacuum sealed. 

(Note:  to receive all of these steaks or to request other cuts, place an order for a quarter or side of Early Boots Beef.) 



Phone 1.320.249.1841

Email earlyboots@gmail.com


20232 Balsam Drive

Sauk Centre, Mn  56378

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